Hi There, 

We’re Shade Supply Store!

We're an Australian based business from the Gold Coast here to supply you with your new favourite sunnies! 

I'm Sam, and this is the story of Shade Supply!

As I was entering my 20's I started to go out for a lot of drinks, lunches and festivals. Sunnies became a must have item. Now days I wouldn't even go for a drive without a pair of sunnies in the car.

Not only do they protect your eyes, they look awesome. 

But I was so sick of only being able to afford one pair of $300 sunnies which had to work for every occasion! 

On top of that, once you've had a few drinks the likelihood of coming home with them plummeted by the hour! It felt like every couple of months I was dipping into my savings to replace a broken or lost pair, and I was sick of it! 

I knew something had to be done, and an idea came to me... 

The concept is simple.
We are here to supply you with awesome sunglasses, for affordable prices! 

We have put together a large range of styles and colours so that you can now own multiple pairs of sunnies! 

You can have a different pair to match different outfits.

You can have a pair for work.
And another pair for the car!
Got an event coming up? Try a new style!
Lost your favourite pair at a party? No stress!
We don't mark up our prices like the big brands, so you can easily afford to replace them!

Shade has been the answer to all of these problems, and we are here to provide that service for you!


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Thanks so much,
From your good friends at, Shade Supply Store

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