Hi There, 

I'm Sam from Shade!



Shade started off as a business that sold a massive range of crazy colours and styles of shades, aimed to suit anyone for any occasion. The idea was that if you wanted to wear different sunnies for different events, match them with different outfits, or you were someone who lost or broke them regularly you could find your next style here for an affordable price! 

As the business has grown and so have we, we wanted to steer Shade into a direction that aligned with our own personal values. 

We decided to transform into a company that provides only top quality sunnies, made from materials that don't hurt the Earth. 

We spent months and months trying and testing different styles and materials from different manufacturers until we were sure we made the right decision!

So now the business as you see it only has one current style, but it is made from the best materials in the industry and is 100% plastic free! Something we are very proud of! 

In the coming months we are testing a whole new range of styles, tweaking our designs and our building process so that we can be sure to bring you more premium shades that you will be proud to own, and we will be proud to provide for you!

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Thanks so much,
From your good friends at Shade 

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